1. What is soeasy Rewards?

Now everytime you top-up, you participate in soeasy Rewards and you win amazing prizes like gadgets, mobile rewards, holidays, cinema tickets, free SMS etc. The winners are picked randomly and are informed instantly about their prize. Remember every time you top up, a reward is waiting for you! Go now

2. How do I participate in soeasy Rewards?

After every top-up you receive an SMS message with a unique code. Once you receive your code follow these steps: Go towww.soeasy.com.cy/rewards, enter your mobile number, the code we sent you and make sure you tick the Terms & Conditions box. Then click "Check your prize" and find out instantly what you have won!
In case you don't have access to the Internet, you can also enjoy soeasy Rewards, just by sending your code to 8282 (free of charge). Instantly again you will be informed about your prize! soeasy, so rewarding!

3. How long does my code last for?

You've got 7 days from the time you top-up.

4. Do I get a prize every time I top-up?

Yes, you win every time you redeem a code. What prize you get is down to chance. It could be prizes like an HD TV, an iPod Nano or network gifts (free minutes, free SMS messages or free international calls). Clickhere for full details of all the prizes.

5. How much do I need to top-up to get my code?

Every time you top-up you get a code no matter the amount of your top-up! But remember if you top-up €10 or more you get a chance to get the big prizes.

6. How do I claim my prize?

The website will give you clear instructions after you’ve entered your code. Network prizes (SMS, minutes, international calls, welcome tones) usually delivered immediately or at the latest in the next 24 hours. If you’ve won a physical prize, the web sitewww.soeasy.com.cy/rewards will give all the details for the delivery date and procedure.

7. In how many days will the prize be delivered to me?

In 3 working days. After the 3rd delivery attempt of the courier the prize will be sent back to the nearest courier office and it will stay there for 10 working days. You can pick it up showing the courier notification. After the period of 10 working days you will not be able to claim the prize. If the prize is broken or if the wrong prize has been delivered then the winner has to contact the Logistic Operator and the Logistic operator will arrange with the courier to pick up the damaged prize and send it back to them for free.

8. Can prizes be delivered outside Cyprus?

We are sorry but the prizes can only be delivered to local addresses.

9. Do I need to be logged-in to see my account info on the web site?

Yes. You can see the date by which you should redeem the codes, the day you have redeemed them if you have done so and the prize each code gave you. Just go to my info page and insert in the fields an old code and your mobile number.

10. What are my chances of winning?

Every top-up guarantees a prize!

11. What prizes could I win?

Mobile rewards, gadgets, holidays, gift or discount vouchers - prizes change very often! A full list of the prizes is available on this website. Keep coming back because the prizes change very often and you might be the next big winner!

12. When will I get my code?

No more than 15 minutes after your top-up, but it could take up to 1 hour.

13. It has been over 1 hour and I haven't received a message with my code.

Rarely there might be a delay in the message getting to you. If you still haven't received it within 24 hours, customer services can resend it for you - just get in touch with us. Call 132 free of charge.

14. What if the code doesn't work in the web site?

Check that you have typed it right and that the code hasn't expired (7 days after you topped up). If there’s still a problem, please contact customer care at 132.

15. Can I use my code more than once?

Once you’ve used your code, it can't be used again to win a prize. However, with the use of any used code and your phone number you can access "My info" where you can see all the codes that you have used and all the prizes that you have won.

16. I don't like my prize. Can I choose a different one?

Sorry, we can't give an alternative to the awarded prize. But your next top-up will give you a different one! So remember to use your codes every time you top-up!

17. Can I transfer my code to another mobile number?

No, the code is for the mobile number that topped up.

18. I don't have access to the internet. How can I participate?

Just send your code to 8282 (free of charge). You will be informed instantly regarding your prize!

19. How can I stop receiving the messages after my top-ups?

Why would you want to miss the chance of winning our great prizes? However, if you really don’t want to participate anymore, simply contact customer care at 132.

20. How can I participate again in the program, since I regret the fact that I asked for stop receiving messages after my top-ups?

Simply contact customer care at 132 and instantly you will back again in soeasy Rewards!

21. I've lost or deleted my code. How do I get it back?

The only thing that you have to do is to send LOST to 8282 (free of charge) and receive your pending code/s instantly.

22. How can I be informed about the balance and the expiry date of my network prizes?

Prizes are valid and available for the next 7 days from the day that you have receive the confirmation SMS regarding the provision of your prize. Plus there’s a short code for every kind of network prize. You have to dial the specific code from your mobile phone in order to be informed about the balance and the expiry date of the network prize that you have won. See below the short codes for every network prize:

Free Minutes for local Calls: *110*5#
Free International Calls: *110*6#
Free SMS Messages: *110*7#
Free WelcomeTones: *110*8#