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20 MB for 7 days
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10 SMS for 7 days
15 SMS for 7 days
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30 SMS for 7 days
€1 for international calls for 7 days
€2 for international calls for 7 days
€3 for international calls for 7 days
€5 for international calls for 7 days
10 minutes local calls for 7 days
15 minutes local calls for 7 days
25 minutes local calls for 7 days
40 minutes local calls for 7 days
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Right to participate

1. A right to participate in the Program, have all Cytamobile-Vodafone’s customers with a soeasy pay as you go connection (soeasy Classic, soeasy Talk, soeasy Text & Surf, soeasy International, Special Plan for customers with hearing problems) who are residents of Cyprus and who will top-up their account. Customers with a soeasy Tourist SIM Pack connection are excluded from the Program.

2. Cyta reserves the right to terminate the participation of any of the participants and at any stage, even at the stage of delivery of prizes, for the following reasons:
a. in the event of an abusive use of services or benefits of the soeasy Rewards Plan
b. in the event of repeated use of premium rate services when this use exceeds 50% of the total amount credited (topped-Up) within a month

Program Duration

3. The Program is valid until the 31st of August 2017. It should be noted that after the completion of the Program or in the case of the duration of the Program being shortened, participation will no longer be possible. Any attempts to participate in the Program after this period, will automatically be considered as non-existent and will not bind Cyta in any way. Upon participation to the Program, the participants are deemed to have accepted the present terms and shall have no claim on the delivery of prizes after the end of the Program or otherwise.

Participation in the Program

4. The soeasy pay as you go customers (as stated in term 1) upon every top-up of their account (with values €5, €10, €20 and €35), will receive a free SMS with a unique 5-digit code.

The participants have the following options:

A) To redeem their code instantly

B) To convert their code in points and save them in order to redeem the later.

5. In order to redeem the code instantly, the participants can send an SMS with the 5-digit code, free of charge, to 8282 and they will receive an SMS letting them know what their prize is.

6. Alternatively, the participants have to submit the code to the website http://www.soeasy.com.cy/rewards, along with the mobile phone number and instantly find out their prize or choose to convert the code in points.

Top-up ValuePoints

Points will expire one year from the date that they were earned. The expiry date will be shown at https://www.soeasy.com.cy/rewards/#_info. After that date, points cannot be redeemed for a prize or exchange with cash.

7. In all cases, the code is valid for 7 days from the day they have received it.

8. After the end of the validity of the code (7 days), customers who will not take any action from the actions referred to in point 3, will be rewarded again for their top-up by getting points, but 10% of the points you would get if they have been redeeming their code.

9. Customers can top-up their account in all the ways listed in the webpage https://www.cyta.com.cy/soeasy-top-up.

10. If for any reason customers don’t want to participate in the Program, they can contact Customer Care at 132.

Program prizes

11. All the Participants in the Program will be rewarded with a prize .The prizes of the Program are divided in two categories:

A) Network Prizes (services), which can be Airtime, SMS, International Calls, Mobile Internet and other, for specific periods.

B) Grand Prizes: the participants have the change to get one of the prizes of this category only by redeeming their points. You can see the grand prizes on www.soeasy.com.cy/rewards

12. Cyta is not responsible for a false or inaccurate description of the prize and reserves the right for changes, corrections and/or amendments.

13. Prizes are strictly personal, cannot be transferred to another person or be redeemed for cash or other prizes.

14. Cyta reserves the right to modify the prizes as well as the number of them, at any time upon accordingly updating the webpage.

Delivery of prizes

15. The prizes of Term 10 Category A will be provided immediately and directly. The Participant will receive an SMS notifying him/her that the prize has been activated.

16. For the prizes of Term 10 Category B, the Participant should submit his/her contact details in the corresponding fields in the webpage (full name, address, telephone number) and the prize will be delivered by a courier company within 3 working days from the completion of the contact details form.

17. The contact details of the winner will be kept until the delivery of the prize as mentioned above. After that, the contact details will be erased.

18. It is mandatory for the winner of a Grand prize to sign the delivery receipt of the courier company in order to receive it.

19. If the delivery of the prize is unsuccessful, the prize will be sent back to the nearest courier office after the 3rd delivery attempt of the courier and it will stay there for 10 working days. The winner can collect the prize from the local courier office or request a new delivery, covered by his/her own cost. After the 10 working days have passed, the winner has not right to claim the prize.


20. Cyta shall not be liable for any direct or indirect cost that may result from delays or any other problem caused by third parties. Cyta shall have any Civil or Penal liability on any winner or third party, or be liable for any accident that may occur or damage that may be caused (physical or otherwise) by the use of any of the prizes and/or any other cause.

21. The responsibility of Cyta is exclusively limited in the provisioning of the planned prizes and their delivery. Cyta is not accountable for their good operation as well as for any problem that may result from their use for which total responsibility falls on the manufacturing companies.

Personal Information

22. Participation in the Program entails consent of the participant to receive informational SMS messages for the offers or the promotions of the Program that are in effect.

23. Cyta has the right to promote the Program and the winners thereof through the media.


24. Cyta has the right to terminate the Program or change the terms and conditions of the Program at any time without prior notice. In this case Cyta will have no obligation to compensate the participants in any way.

Acceptance of terms and conditions

25. The terms and conditions of the Program will be available on www.soeasy.com.cy/rewards and on www.cytamobile-vodafone.com

26. Participation in the Program entails the acceptance of the present terms and conditions.

Terms of Draw

27. The draw will take place within the framework of the soeasy Rewards plan and all terms and conditions of the plan apply.

28. The 50 points are equivalent to one participation in the draw and there is no limit for the number of entries.

29. The gifts are five (5) MLS Fab 4G smartphones.

30. The lucky winners will occur from the draw that will take place on Friday, June 1st 2018, at 12:00, at Cyta’s Headquarters. The winners will be contacted via phone on Monday June 4th 2018.

31. The gifts are specific and cannot be redeemed for cash nor be exchanged with other gifts.